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Tuning and Testing Tools
JUnit - Test driven development
Frologic - Squish Test Automation suite
Testing anywhere - Automated Testing of Java Applications
AdventNet QEngine - server-side Java testing tool
Borland's Optimizeit Enterprise Suite - performance management suite
DevStream's JView - J2EE performance monitoring
ej-technologies' JProfiler - all-in-one Java Profiler
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Core J2EE Patterns - J2EE Patterns: Best Practices and Design Strategies (2nd Edition) [Hardcover]
Professional J2EE EAI - The Java 2 Platform, Enterprise Edition (J2EE) provides an ideal environment in which to integrate different domains, architectures, and technologies to create available, scalable, and secure enterprise information systems
Professional Java Server Programming J2EE, 1.3 Edition - This book demonstrates how to design and construct secure and scalable n-tier J2EE applications, using JSP and servlets for the web tier and EJBs for the business logic
Mastering Enterprise JavaBeans - Mastering Enterprise JavaBeans,includes the new EJB specification and expanded coverage on more advanced topics for developers.
EJB Design Patterns: Advanced Patterns, Processes, and Idioms - A cornucopia of EJB design strategies into one concise and balanced book.
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JavaPerformanceTuning Classes
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Performance Tips
Some J2EE Performance Tips - A great collection of tips, tricks, and helpful links.
JavaPerformanceTuning's J2EE Performance Tips - Lots of specific tips.
6 Steps to Faster J2EE Apps - Performance tuning with JSP and servlets.
J2EE Performance Optimization - Walkthrough of a case study on J2EE optimization.
Reducing the Risks of Performance Problems in J2EE Projects - Highlights key J2EE performance management considerations.
Tuning WebSphere Applications - Quick links for tuning specific WebSphere application types.
Tomcat Tuning Notes - Information on site-specific tuning.
Tuning and Slimming JBossAS - Advice on how to tune and/or slim JBossAS.
Checklist for Optimizing J2EE Applications and their Environments - A great directory of J2EE performance tips
Improve SOA applications - Performance Tips

J2EE vs. Other Architectures
J2EE vs. LAMP vs. NET Battle Royale - April 2006 - A debate about the merits of each
Microsoft .NET vs. J2EE - August 2000 - Comparison of .NET and J2EE
Enterprise Java Community's .NET vs. J2EE - June 2001 - A comparison of building XML-based web services
About: Comparing J2EE With .NET - High level option comparison with a J2EE slant

SPEC jAppServer - The Java app server benchmark from SPEC
JMOB: Java Middleware Open Benchmarking - open-source middleware benchmarks, results and more
EJB Benchmark - EJB design idiom benchmark

JavaRanch, A Friendly Place for Java Greenhorns
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Java technology Forums
JBoss Performance Tuning Forum Performance and scalability forum
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