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Tuning and Testing Tools
App Perfect - debugger and other tools
Acelet - debugger and other tools
AdventNet QEngine - server-side Java testing tool
Borland's Optimizeit Enterprise Suite - performance management suite
DevStream's JView - J2EE performance monitoring
Eclipse Webtools - J2EE standard tools project
ej-technologies' JProfiler - all-in-one Java Profiler
Artima SuiteRunner - Artima SuiteRunner is a testing toolkit for Java that can be used with JUnit to run existing JUnit test suites, or standalone to create unit and conformance tests for Java APIs. The advantages it offers to JUnit users include reporters, run paths, and recipe files.
Cactus - Cactus is a simple test framework for unit testing server-side java code (Servlets, EJBs, Tag Libs, Filters, ...) The intent of Cactus is to lower the cost of writing tests for server-side code. It uses JUnit and extends it.
Ejb3unit - Ejb3Unit - out of container EJB 3.0 testing. Ejb3Unit is a JUnit extention and can execute automated standalone junit tests for all JEE or Ejb3 projects. The out of container approach leads to short build-test-cycles, no container deployment is needed.
Gretel - Gretel is a test coverage monitoring tool for Java programs.The current version provides statement coverage monitoring (identifying which lines of Java have been executed, and which have not been touched by testing).
HibernateMock - Easy setup for persistence testing. Fancy way to test Criteria and HQL. Full fill the objects tree with dummy values. Generate values according with hibernate-validator annotations. Does not matter if a previous database row exists (or not). Reduces the necessity of cleaning database (the trash should not scare you). Do not care about auto-increment strategy. Easier than traditional xml database fixtures.
jMock - jMock is a library for testing Java code using mock objects. The jMock package makes it quick and easy to define mock objects, lets you define flexible constraints over object interactions, and is easy to extend.
York Extensible Testing Infrastructure (YETI) - The York Extensible Testing Infrastructure (YETI) aims at providing a tool for automated random testing tools for several programming languages (including Java).
Java Toolbox - Java tools, libraries, and plug-ins
JInspired's JDBInsight - J2EE and database tuning tool
Mercury Interactive for J2EE - testing and tuning products
Quest's PerformaSure - transaction-centric performance tool
Quest's JProbe - Java performance toolkit
Wily - Enterprise application management solutions
YourKit Java Profiler - Flexible Java profiler
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